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The Price of Boredom: 

How Much Disengaged Employees Cost a Company














Webinar will be hosted by Lynn Taylor, President and CEO of Taylor Protocols.

Lynn is a savvy business optimization expert who has helped over 1700 companies worldwide make better hires.





No matter where you work, you're in the people business.
Making sound hires takes a different approach than any other work you do.

Here's what you’ll learn during this free 1-hour Webinar

  • Explore what would happen if companies had only top performers in every seat, how to find them, and the exponential savings that result. 

  • Learn how aligning the work of a given job with a candidate's innate preference for certain tasks leads to increased productivity, job satisfaction and higher revenues, all while reducing turnover.

  • Learn how to build teams of only A and B players (top performers).

  • Discover the measurable energy all humans have and how to leverage it in the workplace.

  • Learn how small changes in an employee's responsibilities can have huge impact on the bottom line, and how becoming engaged with your work makes you a top performer.

All attendees receive a Free Core Values Index™. This invaluable hiring tool provides deep insight into the motivational drivers of an individual, their conflict strategies, unique learning styles, and natural wiring for certain types of work.  The Core Values Index™ is quickly becoming the go-to tool for HR professionals around the globe!


If you are ready to develop a team of Top Performers, then join us!

July 27th 10:00  AM Pacific time

*If you know someone else who could benefit from this 1-hour professional development session, please share the link with them.

Questions:  Call 206.283.8144 x108


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