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How to Grow Your Coaching Business

with the Core Values Index™

August 3rd 1:00 PM Pacific Time














Webinar will be hosted by Lynn Taylor, President and CEO of Taylor Protocols.

Lynn is a savvy business optimization expert who has helped over 500 coaches worldwide become more profitable.





No matter who you coach, you're in the people business.
Landing more clients takes a different approach than any other work you do.

Here's what you’ll learn during this free 1-hour Webinar

  • Finding your niche: How to differentiate yourself from other coaches

  • Your tool bag: Are your assessments effective?

  • The one highly-effective tool you’re probably not using today

  • Don’t go it alone: the value in having a strategic partner

  • Coaching and consulting is a $250 billion-dollar-a-year market.  Be a part of it!

  • We’ll show you how to develop a passive income stream and add more coaching contracts to your calendar.


All attendees receive a Free Core Values Index™. This invaluable coaching tool provides deep insight into the motivational drivers of an individual, their conflict strategies, unique learning styles, and natural wiring for certain types of work.  The Core Values Index™ is quickly becoming the go-to tool for HR professionals around the globe!

If you are ready to develop a passive income stream

while adding more coaching clients to your calendar, then join us!

August 3rd 1:00  PM Pacific time

*If you know someone else who could benefit from this 1-hour professional development session, please share the link with them.

Questions:  Call 206.283.8144 x108


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