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The Core Values Index is the simplest, most accurate tool to improve self- awareness and align job tasks with innate nature. For business leaders, employees or anyone who wants to learn more about their core values and how they affect work and life.  


The Core Values Index is the only assessment using only positive strategic values in a simple word-choice format. It is not a personality test and does not require answering any questions.  Instead, users simply choose 72 words to reveal their innate nature and core motivational drivers. Core motivational drivers dictate the behaviors and desired work that develop self-esteem, causing people to subconsciously seek work offering an opportunity to make their highest contribution possible.


The 10-minute CVI reveals:

  • The type of activity where you are most comfortable
  • What causes you to conflict with others
  • What values you base a majority of your decisions on
  • Why you make the same mistakes over and over
  • How to improve work and personal relationships 
  • How to make your highest and best contribution in work and life

The Core Values Index - Comprehensive Report

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