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The Pacific Northwest has a new and transcendent voice, Lynn Ellsworth Taylor. In his fourth book, Stones,  published by Elliott Bay Publishing, Inc., in Seattle, Washington, Mr. Taylor lifts the reader our of remorse and personal sorrow into a higher realm of consciousness.  He raises the reader’s heart to where the grebes fly like kites at the tug of a sprite and the ligament joints of clam shells become the ears of sea elves, hearing the messages from the universe.


Taylor’s nature poetry is never just a painting or a quiet walk through an aspen forest, but a turning into the earthly glens of his soul. His idea poems hit the gut and call upon faith in the hidden see of spiritual potentiality in each of us. His intimacy poems ring with the clarity of the true love, its wonder, awe and fascination and the rage and unsatisfied longings of the self.


Spiritually evocative, musically tuned with natural rhythm and drum beats, Taylor’s crafted pieces stand-alone but also synergistically flow together in an orchestra of music, language and multi-layered meanings. His cymbals crash with meaning. His instruments play melodies resolved out of dissonance.

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Stones (170 Pages eBook)

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