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The unbearable price of boredom

Boredom is just one of the challenges employees face. Since most people are in the wrong seat, doing the wrong work, they spend a lot of time being bored, feeling worn down and by the work they are doing, feeling unfulfilled and undervalued, not appreciated, or embarrassed by the tasks they have to do. They feel guilty for procrastinating, and feel conspicuous because they know they are going to disappoint their boss or their co-workers.

The cost of boredom is unbearable for business. The effects on a company when a person is in the wrong job are multi-various and debilitating for the employer and employee. The Better Work Life Revolution addresses this most important business/people issue. When a person takes our Work Life Satisfaction Evaluator (try it HERE) they learn quickly what the costs are for sitting in the wrong job.

Low self-esteem, low energy, boredom, anger and frustration, embarrassment, physical health problems, relationship issues at work and at home, feeling tired mid-morning, feeling exhausted by midday…not from the physical work, but from the mental emotional angst that grows constantly greater one moment at a time, until nothing in life feels meaningful, and the body accepts the weight of this curse of a wrong job…until something gives. Divorce, abuse, missing work, physical illness, emotional disturbance, lots of complaining; all are common outcomes.

So what happens?

Companies have to hire three times as many people as they need. If they had top-producing, engaged and non-bored employees they could get everything done with a fraction of the staff, and with greater productivity and revenues.

In a ten-year 60,000-person study we found the bigger a company is the greater the waste of human energy. At one international securities firm more than 14,000 investment consultants were evaluated and it was discovered that less than 7% of the people in this critical revenue-generating position created more than 95% of the value for their company. This meant that 93% of the consultants brought in the remaining 5% of revenue.

Let me repeat that: 93% of the consultants brought in 5% of revenue.

Worse is the fact that the 93% who are the wrong people, actually subtract from the efficacy of the top 7%.


· By spoiling the marketplace with poor representation.

· By disrupting the work place and creating problems the top performers have to deal with.

· By finding fault with systems and processes and other people, creating personality conflict that waste everyone’s time.

· By creating a visible demand for management attention, until the managers are only working with the lowest performers.

This is stupid. This is unacceptable. This is the greatest waste of human energy and corporate money that exists in business today.

The Taylor Protocols, powered by the Core Values Index™, puts an end to this waste. It fixes the single most costly issue in business: getting people out of wrong seats and into right seats.

And, it’s almost never about termination. That is always a last resort. Instead it’s about lifting wonderful, miraculous human beings out of roles that are demoralizing for them into roles that fulfill them; roles that already exist at the company.

Take the Work Life Satisfaction Evaluator now, and the Core Values Index. Share these opportunities with others. Call us with questions. When you and a million other individuals have taken this survey, all of those individuals will have a new understanding of how far away they are from their best job fit, and how high a price they pay for the privilege.

Bored right now? Check out #workplaceboredom for a few quick tips.

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