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We expect nothing less.  You should, too.


For our corporate clients

Results are measured in dollars and stability.
Did your bottom line improve?
Is your sales team closing more deals?
Do you have less turnover and greater employee satisfaction?

Fewer than 20% of workers are rated as Top Performers.

Try the Top Performer Profile before your next hire.

Our clients hire on average 182% more top performers.

More than 80% of employees are in jobs that do not engage them.

A Human Capital Audit will get everyone in the right seat.

We evaluate entire teams across all levels of an organization, significantly increasing your Human Capital ROI

C-suite execs list Retention as their #1 issue

A Leadership Team Profile will unify your group and drive profits.

Our clients experience a bottom-line increase of 71% on average within 12 months.

Never before has a management tool been so accessible, so reliable, and created the kind of ROI that compels companies to change the way they think about Human Capital. Taylor Protocols has 20+ years of proven technology and experience in the business optimization arena.

The Taylor Protocols™ are designed to optimize the people equation in organizations.  If a person’s motivational drivers and sense of contribution do not align with the work they do they will never rise to the top.


Top Performer Profile is the world’s first pre-employment hiring system that allows organizations to consistently hire employees with the same core values as their current top performers.

Recruiting, hiring and retaining top talent is widely recognized as the most critical challenge that organizations face. Every year companies waste millions of dollars on poor hiring decisions and employee turnover.

How we help...

  • Dramatically Increase Sales:    clients experienced a sales increase of 71% within 12 months

  • Hire More Top Performers:       clients hired 182% more top performers

  • Screen Out Poor Performers:   clients reduced poor performers within their organizations by 86%. 


Created in the throes of turnaround management and business optimization projects, the CVI measures and quantifies where people can rise to their place of highest and best contribution and shift the human productivity bell-curve and destroy the 80/20 Principle.

What is your current level of Human Capital Efficiency? What is the ROI of your Human Capital?

We find these are questions most executives cannot answer, yet the cost of people for many companies exceeds 50% of gross revenue. In our work with more than 700 companies of all sizes we have consistently discovered they operate at less than 33% human capital efficiency.

Do you know...

  • The current return you receive from your labor cost?

  • How many A and B performers you need to produce 100% of the current output of the entire team?

  • What would be the productive capacity and net profit potential of your company if you had only A and B-level performers?

We provide...

  • A simple ROI analysis to evaluate your key functional positions. Just email us or give us a call for free demo.

  • Increased human productivity and increased profits beyond what is generally believed to be possible.

Our process is...

Guaranteed: Taylor Protocols guarantees every hire will be a top performer or we replace the employee without additional costs to our clients.

Cost Effective: The Top Performer Profile generates a higher return on investment than any other hiring system.

Quick and Easy: Our online assessment takes less than 10 minutes to complete. Your secure online dashboard allows you to evaluate each CVI against the Top Performer Profile so you know exactly which candidates to follow up with.

Accurate: We have a 97% test/retest score - result of independent third party testing.

We go beyond traditional personality or behavioral tests and assessments like Meyers Briggs, DISC, StrengthsFinder 2.0 or Personalysis to match the core-value nature of a job with the core-value nature of an individual.

Book your free 50-minute CEO Transformation Session:  

According to the US Department of Labor Statistics, turnover can

cost a company 33% of an employee’s total compensation.

Losing executives has a significant negative impact on an organization. The trend is top executives are leaving, creating a hole in the executive staff, lowering employee morale and leading to additional turnover.

The impact to organizations can be crippling. Unfortunately, this is often what it takes for leaders to reflect on their shortcomings. Top organizations have strategies in place to ensure company goals align with executive goals.

Protect yourself and your company from the devastating loss of your senior leadership. 


Contact us today for a complimentary CEO Transformation session.

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